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Educational Resources

Cornucopia Project’s mission is to creatively work to positively affect the health and well-being of our community, our region and world.  We do this by developing and delivering interactive experiential educational programs and teaching models, adapted to a variety of learning spaces, from gardens to classrooms and kitchens. Cornucopia’s programs connect people of all ages to real food and to each other.

You'll find abundant information and resources designed specifically for New Hampshire gardeners. Our tips will help you create a healthy, attractive garden or landscape and keep it looking good throughout the season or year.  Contact the Education Center at (1-877-398-4769) 9AM-2PM, Monday-Friday.

New Hampshire Extension Master Gardeners train use research-based information to educate the public about home gardening and horticulture, pest management, food safety and backyard livestock.  Contact the Master Gardener Coordinator:

USDA Wildlife Services



Provides Federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist.  Get information on local wildlife interacting with your garden.


The NH 4-H program supports learning opportunities in the field of horticulture.  The project encourages exploration, utilize critical thinking skills, and expose participants to career opportunities.  The 4-H program can provide curriculum support to schools and youth gardens as well as provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning beyond the classroom.

Strawbery Banke welcomes children in the museum gardens and has created a Victorian Children's Garden adjacent to the Goodwin Mansion that  features fun and interactive learning experiences with a Victorian tea garden, plants that tell time, a butterfly & fairy garden, a language of flowers garden, and a two-story naturalistic Victorian treehouse.

Learn about the Strawbery Banke Herbarium.

Seasonal activities in the Discover Center and Horticulture Center supplement the living gardens with craft activities that explain how to:

 Make a Garden Journal (PDF)

 Make Your Own Herbarium (PDF)

 Decode the Secret Language of           Flowers (PDF)

 Take a "Scavenger Hunt" in Mrs.   Goodwin's Garden (PDF)

 Save Heirloom Seeds (PDF)

We are excited to dig in with you and your farm-to-school team! We offer a framework of services that can be customized to your school. Every school is different and focuses their farm-to-school programming in varying areas of study. We can help you connect your farm-to-school program to your classroom, cafeteria, and community!

Educational materials help to integrate agriculture, food and natural resources into K-12 classrooms. By applying authentic agricultural examples to teach core curriculum concepts in science, social studies, math, language arts and nutrition, student awareness can be improved. These programs cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the food, fiber and fuel systems that we all depend upon every day.

UNH Extension Master Gardeners offer a Free Seed Program for school and youth gardens across the state.  A list of seeds and an online order form are available early each year. 

US Fish and Game / Schoolyard Habitat

The mission of the Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom is to get students from across the country outside to experience nature. To accomplish this mission, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program staff help schools create natural spaces on school grounds where students will observe, draw, write, think and question.


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