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Grant Application: We NHEEd to Get Outside

This grant is provided to NH schools or 501c3 non-profit organizations that work with children who need funding to provide hands-on, experiential, outdoor field trip opportunities. These trips should be educational, but could be to a range of locations (nature center, museum, state park, mountain) and must include an outdoor, experiential component. The trip needn't be science-focused: environmental education is interdisciplinary, and we would love to see trips that engage the environment in creative ways through various subjects. The grant money can be used to cover transportation costs and/or student entry or program fees when applicable. We anticipate awarding grants in the range of $200-$500, but the amount of funding we award can grow if other businesses, organizations or individuals donate to our NHEEd to Get Outside field trip funding program, so please consider asking an environmentally-friendly business or organization near you to get involved!

Applications are due December 1, 2017 for field trips occurring in the 2018 fiscal year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2018).

Who are we, and why are we giving away money?

We are NH Environmental Educators. Our mission is to advocate for high quality environmental education in New Hampshire, and to provide a forum for networking and professional development for environmental education. We are collaborating with the NH Children in Nature Coalition to implement an Environmental Literacy Plan for NH, a key component of which is “ensuring environmental literacy through funding and support” (Key Area 5, NH ELP). We want to make sure that all students have access to the outdoors during every season, at every grade level, through multiple subject areas, as well as through field experiences at nonformal Environmental Education centers and in their schoolyards. It is our hope that these funds will help to move schools and students toward these goals of environmental literacy, and result in healthier, happier and more engaged teachers, students and schools. Here is a copy of the NH Environmental Literacy Plan (ELP):

Please look through this to identify how your intended trip outcomes might align with the goals of the Environmental Literacy Plan.

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